Executive coaching

Executive coaching creates a trusting and collaborative environment in which personal development and performance improvement occur. It establishes a real, self-perception of current professional behavior and the impact it has on self, the organization and others.

Approach: The focus is on your advancement as you define it. Coaching provides a confidential one-on-one opportunity between a professional coach and a mid - high level leader that promotes reflection, improved managerial style, communication effectiveness, and encouragement to execute vision. Process includes a needs assessment, definition of expectations, followed by a specific action plan, mentoring, modeling and a 360° feedback exercise.

360° Feedback: Whiting Consulting has a unique process that eliminates the use of computer-generated questionnaires. Theresa conducts personal interviews with direct reports, colleagues and managers, which result in a formalized feedback summary document to the client. The summary includes general comments, leadership style, communication effectiveness, recommendation and action plan.


  • Solid results- identify performance barriers to success
  • Increased awareness- how you are perceived by others and how you exhibit executive presence
  • Provide objectivity- unconditional listening and truths revealed
  • Honest support- new skills, feedback and confidence to take action
  • Refine leadership skills- increase focus on people and relationships
  • 360 feedback- strengths, challenges, conflict resolution, action plan

Career coaching

Career coaching provides significant value and answers to finding a career that works for you. Learn how to choose or change your career for a lifetime of satisfaction and success. Often we find ourselves questioning what we want to do for a living, but we don't know where to start.

Approach: We utilize a tool that targets how you habitually take action, make decisions, and view others. Career coaching creates an environment for you to take inventory on your current job, finances, goals, strategy, resume, and overall professional choices for the future.


  • Supports career change and transitions
  • Define clarity, purpose and direction
  • Examine your personality through the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • Enhance your Resume
  • Strengthen networking skills and use of social media
  • Expedite the transition process

Presentation skills and communication training

Having adequate knowledge of a subject matter does not equate to communicating effectively. Your knowledge remains dormant, unless you feel comfortable, and confident with yourself, your material and your audience. Presentation, and communication skills training is vital for success.

Presentation skills: Transform your presentation agenda and turn it into a comfortable conversation with your audience. Learn to manage anxiety, analyze your listeners, organize your thoughts, communicate the right word choice and non-verbal body language. Videotape feedback expedites the learning process.

Communication skills = building relationships: Assimilate the 10 Steps to effective communication as part of your daily performance plan. Engage your clients and eliminate barriers to success with tools to strengthen your content and delivery.


  • Manage Anxiety
  • Present with polish
  • Know your audience
  • Deliver the right words
  • Leverage non-verbal body language
  • Organize your talk, Intro/Body/Conclusion
  • Control difficult questions/objections/conflict
  • Enhance listening skills
  • Observe yourself on tape

Executive presence training

Learn the ten steps to executive presence and acheive or maintain that new job, new promotion, and career that you deserve.

How do you show up? Executive presence is confidence, competence, and credibility under pressure, as well as under normal business conditions. Personal attributes, knowledge, skills and experience are simply the foundation to how you are perceived.


  • Increase confidence
  • Acknowledge your professional perception
  • Identify competencies
  • Stop managing and start leading
  • Utilize the 10 steps to executive presence
  • Maximize people skills
  • Learn to command, not demand

Speaking engagements

Too much technology can and has depersonalized many of our relationships by taking the place of live, intimate and engaging conversations.

Does your department, organization, association or conference agenda need a motivational booster shot of professional presence, effective communication and/or client relationship building? Theresa is available for evening presentations for your group or association.

Sample organizations that have benefitted from speaking engagements:

Sample topics:

  • Expand your Executive Presence; How do you show up?
  • Eliminate the barriers to success with effective communication
  • Business Etiquette in a technological world
  • Industry competence got you promoted…now what?
  • Master the art of working a room, networking at its best
  • Examine business etiquette